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199c – House of Cards

For the third annual 199c show, put on by BLDG Refuge, they sent out baseball cards of former Reds players to serve as inspiration for the work submitted to this year’s show.

I received Dave Parker’s card. I’ll keep this short. His nickname is “The Cobra.” After some doodling, I started to connect the shape of the Cobra head with that of a baseball’s panels. One thing led to another and I ended up with an unravelling baseball morphing into a Cobra. Taking inspiration from the oxidized steel frame I used, I added the matching texture to the print, and the rest is history.

Also, like any good design should have, I had some buttons made of the baseball Cobra head. I’ll have them up for sale soon…

If you’re in the Cincinnati area April 2nd, come on by!


EephusLeagueHead on over to the new Eephus League magazine. It is a beautiful online magazine about all things baseball. I have a feature in there for Bases Loaded Series and a (lenghty, because i can’t stop talking) interview. 🙂 Check out the magazine here.



The Bases Loaded Series website has gone live today. It’s been a few months in the making, but all 18 banners are designed and finished. I’m in the process of screenprinting the banners now. They measure 26″x40″ 2 color on wool felt with a 1″ felt border. The first exhibition of the banners will be from November 25 – December 1 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


To learn more about the series and take a peek or to inquire about hosting the exhibition, head on over to